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April 2, 2016  |  Posted by AC&FurnaceDepot™ 

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When Should I Call in a Furnace Repair Service?

 Furnace repair service call center Toronto Many people may think that a broken furnace means one that is not working at all. This is far from the truth, however. There are many factors that can affect the proper functioning of a furnace, and ideally most of them should be addressed sooner rather than later. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the warning signs; this way you will be better equipped to maintain your own furnace in good working condition, and you will know when you need to call in a furnace repair service for help. AC & Furnace Depot provides expert furnace repair services, emergency heating repairs, and heating system installations to the City of Toronto and the GTA. If you need a reliable furnace repair service, give us a call today. We are committed to our customers' satisfaction, and believe in doing a great job every single time.

Indicators to Look Out For

It pays to look after your furnace and maintain it well; this will prevent costly repairs a little further down the road. Here are some of the signs that you should pick up on:
  • My furnace is making strange noises. It is true that furnaces are never completely silent. You should be familiar with the noise that it usually emits, however. If you begin to hear strange banging, groaning, or squeaking noises coming from the furnace, this could be a sign of several things. There may be a loose belt or worn out parts, it may need oiling, or the noise may be caused by something else entirely. Either way, it is worth getting it checked out.
  • I have to turn up the thermostat to keep it warm. If you are having to set the thermostat higher than normal – don't. This is the most normal response, but it could only make the internal problem worse. Have a reliable furnace repair technician look at your system, don't just keep turning the thermostat up and hoping that the problem will solve itself.
  • Your energy bills are looking ridiculously high. If you have a high electricity bill, for example, this may be due to a problem with your air distribution fan, or it may be caused by you raising the thermostat constantly. If your bills are too high, get your system checked out. A furnace repair service can determine whether the system is performing optimally, or whether it is performing inefficiently due to blockages, a dirty filter, or leaky ducts.
  • Is your pilot light burning yellow? This is not a good sign; a yellow pilot light probably indicates that carbon monoxide is present. A blue flame is ideal, and shows that the mixture of gases is optimal. Call in a furnace repair technician who can test for carbon monoxide, and who can determine if there are any other issues that need to be fixed.
  • My unit is difficult to start, and sometimes it won't stay on. If you notice this problem – if it takes too long for your furnace to kick in, or if it simply won't stay lit, there are a number of possible reasons for this. A broken thermostat may be the culprit, or it may be due to faulty wiring or a pilot ignition problem. This tends to get worse over time, so get it dealt with sooner rather than later.

Keep the Number of a Furnace Repair Service at Hand

There is never a convenient time for problems to start, and they can easily begin to spiral out of control, so it's best to deal with them as soon as you can. It is always best practise to have a furnace repair service or technician available that you can rely on. AC & Furnace Depot is proud to provide our expert service to individuals, residences, and businesses throughout the GTA. Our highly-trained technicians pride themselves on their ability to diagnose and fix furnace repair problems quickly; they won't let you down. We are adept at fixing all kinds of furnaces, water heaters, boilers, pumps, and thermostats, so if you have a problem with one of your heating appliances, do not hesitate to call us.

If You Have a Broken Furnace, Consider Doing a Furnace Repair With Us Today


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