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April 2, 2016  |  Posted by AC&FurnaceDepot™ 

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Basic Furnace Repair and Maintenance


Furnace repair in TorontoWhen you've got a problem with your furnace, you know who you should call: the AC & Furnace Depot repair guys. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1999, and are experts when it comes to furnace repair and installation. It is generally advisable for you to schedule a professional tune-up with us once a year. However, there are many things you can do to maintain your own furnace. If you pay attention to some of the tips below, you can easily extend the life of your furnace, save yourself some money, and spend less on heating bills. A little effort put in now will also save you the frustration and time that would be spent later on when your furnace suddenly stops working in the middle of winter.


How Can I Maintain My Furnace So It Continues to Perform Well?


Here are a few things you can do to minimize the likelihood of unexpected furnace repair problems cropping up at inconvenient times.

  • First of all, be sure to switch off the power or gas supply before working on your furnace. For a filter change this might not be necessary, but for everything else, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Turn off the fuel supply, and be sure that you know how to relight the furnace too.

  • One of the things that you can do is to replace your old thermostat – install a digital, programmable thermostat instead. This will save you a lot of energy; think of all those times when you left your home for hours but forgot to turn your heating down. A programmable thermostat is easy to use, convenient, and will keep your home at a temperature that is comfortable for you.

  • To maintain your heating system in good working order and to minimize the frequency of furnace repair, you should regularly change the air filter. This is necessary for forced-air furnaces. If you have a reliable digital thermostat installed, it can be programmed to remind you to do this task. Further, you should select the filter type based on how sensitive you are to dust and other particles. Remember to vacuum the blower every couple of months.

  • If you happen to have an older furnace – a propane or natural gas type – you will need to annually oil the blower shafts and the motor. Newer models generally have closed bearings, and these won't need any oiling.

  • If you have a furnace powered by an electric motor, it probably has a V-belt. To avoid any sudden breakdown or furnace repair, you should check to see if the belt is fraying or cracked. While you're at it, take a look at the motor pulleys and the blower to see if they are properly aligned. Any misalignment will cause your V-belt to wear out much quicker.

  • If you have an oil furnace, another thing that will keep your furnace functioning well is to replace the oil filter. You need to make sure that your flow of fuel is clean and uncontaminated. The technicalities of this particular furnace repair will vary depending on the model, so check your owner's manual. It may also be necessary to periodically bleed air out of the fuel piping. You should also check the fuel lines and various connection points every few months to make sure that there are no leaks.

  • On the other hand, if you have a heating system that utilizes hot water, you will definitely need to bleed air from the radiators. This should be done on an annual basis. It is not hard to do at all: when your radiators are on, just open the bleed valve until water flows out, minus any spluttering. Make sure you have a bucket handy to catch the water.

  • Lastly, be sure that any outside chimneys or vents are open and unblocked; be sure to clear away leaves, nests, or other interfering elements. This will help prevent unnecessary furnace repair calls, and ensure that there is no dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.


Call the Furnace Repair Experts With Your Concerns


While there are a number of maintenance tasks you can probably handle yourself, nothing compares to having a professional service done periodically. If you encounter an issue that you are unsure how to handle, you should call AC & Furnace Depot immediately; we'll provide an efficient and affordable solution.

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