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With a population of about 128,377, this town in the Durham region consists of both rural and suburban communities, both of which require HVAC services such as furnace repair and air conditioning repair in Whitby from time to time. Formerly known as Whitby Township, it was briefly known as Windsor in 1848 before being officially incorporated as a town in 1855. As the town is part of the Durham region, you can expect that the population is diverse and inclusive with the many different cultures that the town consists of, and you can bet that our furnace/air conditioning repairs in Whitby here at AC & Furnace Depot cater to each and every member of the town! With top notch services in Whitby furnace and air conditioning repair, we’re proud to serve.

Possessing two heritage downtowns, there’s lot to do for residents every day, from seasonal farmers’ markets to exploring the vibrant arts and cultures scene. If you’re taking a stroll through the summer farmers’ market, it can get hot and humid really quick with so much going on. A long day of shopping can be quick to tucker you out, but there’s no way one can relax when the air in your home is humid and stuffy. Broken down air conditioning units can always be fixed; just ask us! From installations to maintenance, our Whitby A/C repair services are as good as it gets. Offering unbeatable prices compared to other competitors, we strive to make Whitby proud and happy. Air conditioning repair in Whitby doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll take the reigns from here in guiding you to having the best A/C unit for your home.

A community that continues to be protected by Whitby Fire & Emergency Services in cases of arson and fire, there are still a number of home fires that occur due to human error or problems with your heating units. This is why we encourage residents to schedule annual furnace maintenance in Whitby to reduce risk and promote longevity of your home unit. If you think you have a problem with your furnace, call us! Our team of experienced technicians will troubleshoot the problem and work hard to fix the problem as soon as possible with our Whitby furnace repair services. We want you to get the best out of your money’s worth, which is why we give the prices upfront; who says furnace repair in Whitby has to be expensive? We do our best to make it affordable for each and every household, so those on a budget get rest assured.

As one of the largest cities in Canada, the town of Whitby has much to offer. With the town’s motto being “Durham’s Business Centre,” this tells you that the town is bustling all around. At AC & Furnace Depot, we hope to add on to the bustle in a positive way with our furnace & A/C repair in Whitby, so that no resident or household will ever suffer during the changing seasons. Whether we’re heading into the sweltering heat of the summer or the snowy depths of winter, Whitby furnace & A/C repair is now here to make it all better.




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