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With the name “Etobicoke” being derived from the Mississauga word “wadoopikaang” meaning "place where the alders grow,” Etobicoke has truly become a place that has grown over time. Formerly a city from 1967 to 1998, the highly populated area makes up part of the Western side of Toronto, boasting a high number of residents; many of multicultural origins. You can bet that this high and diverse number of residents are in need of Etobicoke furnace and air conditioning repairs in a large district such as Etobicoke. Etobicoke furnace repairs are now as common as ever amongst the population in the GTA.

During the War of 1812, Etobicoke only had about 250 residents. Today, approximately 345,000 residents take up Etobicoke. With the central areas of Etobicoke being generally middle-class families, these households are bound to run into problems with their furnace and air conditioning systems at some point, which is why furnace and air conditioning repairs are needed in Etobicoke. Over the years, the Kingsway neighbourhood only continues to attract more families and individuals, making furnace repairs in Etobicoke crucial. With housing much more advanced now, this increases the rate of furnace repairs in Etobicoke that are needed. Almost every home has a furnace now, which is why

In 1968, the subway line on Bloor Street became extended from Keele Street to Islington Avenue, and then to Kipling years later in 1980. When you think of transportation and commuting in the GTA, one of the first complaints you can think of is how stuffy the buses and trains are, often feeling humid with no A/C. Once your commute home is over, all you want is to feel the nice, cool air conditioning in your house; but when you find out it’s not working, who are you going to call? AC & Furnace Depot is here to help you out! While air conditioning repairs in Etobicoke weren’t really a thing back in the day, it sure is now. As the best company there is for A/C repairs in Etobicoke, we’ll have it fixed in no time.

In 1998, Etobicoke became part of the amalgamated City of Toronto, but this hasn’t made it any less significant. As one of the most prominent areas in the GTA, Etobicoke furnace repairs are needed more than ever in households all around. With our winters here in Canada so cold, our mission is to keep every resident warm with furnace repairs in Etobicoke. No matter how big the population, AC & Furnace Depot are proud to deliver Etobicoke furnace repairs for its loyal clients, both old and new. With Etobicoke having existed for more than 200 years, it deserves nothing but the best when it comes to furnace repairs in Etobicoke. Call us at 416-323-3768 today!



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