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Looking for expert technicians to provide HVAC services that are over and above?  Then the friendly folks at AC & Furnace Depot can help you out anytime.

The weather in Ontario can get pretty extreme with humid summers and blistering cold winters, and that could put a lot of strain on your units, and why it is sometimes necessary to have a furnace repair in North York.  It is always a good idea to deal with an issue sooner rather than later, thus avoiding potentially costlier repairs for your furnace or air conditioning system down the road.

A highly skilled and trained expert from AC & Furnace Depot has industry leading equipment which will allow us to diagnose a host of air conditioning and furnace related service issues.  And we can often fix on the spot.  Only very seldom will servicing not remedy the situation and an installation will be needed.

But we are well aware that economic times can be tough nowadays, and so we aim to give you the best deals possible when a new furnace or A/C is needed by a homeowner, and try to ensure that you don't have to break the bank to get some needed heating or cooling.

Furnace Repair in North York

When you are all warm,cozy and comfortable on your sofa while enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa and watching a retro movie from the 80's on a cold winter night, that sure does feel good.  But if the temperature in your home starts to drop fast because your furnace stopped working, well . . . that doesn't feel so good.

It is usually a simple fix but always a good idea to keep in mind that at times a malfunctioning heating system can be something a bit more serious, such as a cracked heat exchanger which could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

That is just one reason why it is a good idea to call an expert if you think your North York furnace is in need of a repair.  Calling quickly and early is ideal as not only does it help prevent additional damage to your system, but it can also help prevent some potentially dangerous conditions for you and your loved ones.

AC & Furnace Depot is only a call away when you need us for furnace repairs.  Our technicians come to your home ready with the latest equipment in the industry.  And not only are we highly experienced, but we are constantly undergoing additional training so that we can stay abreast of the very best and latest troubleshooting techniques in the heating and cooling industry.

We could be happy to assist you anytime you need a furnace repair in North York, and we are sure that when we are done that you will be one of our many happy and satisfied customers.

Furnace & A/C Maintenance in North York

As the old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  And the same applies to your heating and cooling systems.  With a little bit of TLC and preventative maintenance, your HVAC units can last years longer than the average lifespan.  AC & Furnace Depot provides furnace and air conditioning maintenance in North York.

We have anywhere from a 15-30 (depending if it is heating or cooling) point checklist that we go through that includes looking for blockages in air flow, the ventilation system and drains.  We also look for signs of corrosion which can be early warning signals for something potentially more serious that could be lurking.  We also check carbon monoxide readings to make sure there are no gas leaks if you have a gas furnace.

And when it comes to our A/C, we check for signs of wear in your evaporator coil and check refrigerant levels, to name a few.

At a minimum, we would suggest 1 furnace maintenance and 1 A/C maintenance per year to help things run smoothly and efficiently.

North York Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioning repair in North York on a sweltering hot summer day is not only needed for comfort, but sometimes even for safety because if a home gets too hot, so people could actually faint from heat exhaustion.

If your cooling unit malfunctions, give AC & Furnace Depot a call.  At times we can arrive at your home in less than an hour and we will get cracking on getting your cooling system up and running again in short order.  But we don't just repair --- in a pinch we can also replace your A/C unit with a new one and have it installed quite often on the same day.

An A/C service call will often include a refrigerant check to ensure your coolant levels are adequate. We will also check the blower mechanism to make sure air flow is adequate, and check for corrosion and leaks.

And let's not forget the use of a multimeter to check for possible electrical problems.

For a North York A/C Maintenance, we are in the neighborhood and always ready to serve.

Just A Few Reasons to Choose AC & Furnace Depot

AC & Furnace Depot has been offering furnace and A/C repairs in North York and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service with an eye on what is most important . . . a happy customer.

We are fully licensed with TSSA and insured and we have the expertise to fix or replace most residential furnaces and central air conditioners.  We offer fair and competitive pricing so that we can give high value to our cherished customer.

Up-Front pricing as another one of our hallmarks.  No price surprises with us.  We let our customers know ahead of time what the full cost will be, whether for a repair or a replacement.  The last thing any client wants is a surprise bill at the end of work which they didn't approve of.  That is definitely not something that we engage in.

It is that sincerity that customers see in us which has them calling us back when needed and referring us to family and friends --- we always appreciate referrals.

For a full line of furnace and air conditioning repairs in North York, as well as maintenance and new installations, call us at 416-323-3768.


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Known for it’s slogan “The City With Heart,” North York was formerly a city itself before being integrated into the larger city of Toronto, the urban community was an agricultural community up until the 20th century. Of course early on there wasn’t a need for a furnace repair in North York, air conditioning service or much else along those line, but over time things have changed.  The township was officially created in 1922, where the population was still small with only about 6000 residents. It wasn’t until the town became part of the Metropolitan city of Toronto did the area became more popular in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the popularity of furnace and air conditioning repairs in North York. As the main source for ac and furnace repairs in North York, the AC & Furnace Depot continues to be the number one choice for providing the best and fastest service in the GTA.

With its municipal status finally rising, the area has grown into a familiar place for many, housing well-known places such as York University, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Ontario Science Centre, North York General Hospital, Yorkdale Mall, and more. Easily accessible by transit with subway stations and buses, the suburb is as busy as it gets thanks to its central business district, North York Centre. With the amount of buildings and need for North York air conditioning and furnace repairs, the city continues to be a popular area for corporate offices and businesses in Toronto.

The suburban community continues to appeal to demographics of all sorts, including families, senior citizens, and young working professionals, all of which who would require ac and furnace maintenance and repairs in North York sometime down the road as they live in the city. The thriving arts culture and multicultural diversity of residents make the community united as a whole and more hearty to live in.

At AC & Furnace Depot, we make sure that you’re satisfied with our work and we won’t stop until you’re pleased with the results. We want to continue our reputation of being the best for North York furnace and air conditioning repairs and the rest of the GTA. Let us show you how it’s done and call us today at 416-323-3768!



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