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As one of the most densely populated areas of Canada, this town requires the best in Oakville furnace and air conditioning repair service for every household. This is where we, AC & Furnace Depot, come in! With years of experience and success in the HVAC industry, we strive to provide the best in furnace repair in Oakville, a town known for having modern influence meeting the spirit of the past with its long history of heritage. With numerous neighbourhoods, every community has recreational activities and events that appeal to every resident. Now with furnace and A/C repair in Oakville, you can enjoy any activity whether it be indoor or outdoor!

Once home territory of the Mississauga Indian tribe, which mainly consisted of fishermen and hunters, Oakville has gone through much development over the years. With technology now advanced as ever, you won’t have to live through harsh times like your ancestors once did in the cold and frigid winters. While settlers had only fire to rely on back then, now we have the luxury of owning a furnace that does it all in terms of heating. In need of maintenance or installation? We’re happy to help! Our team of experienced technicians have all the answers to your heating needs, from furnace maintenance to furnace repair in Oakville. Unsure of which model is right for you that does the job but also fits your budget? Our heating experts will gladly guide you through the process of finding the perfect unit for you. We want to give you the best value in Oakville furnace repair so that you can enjoy the long Canadian winters in the comfort of your home.

The town of Oakville has an impressive streak of recreational sports teams, from hockey to lacrosse. Many tournaments and championships take place at sports facilities across Oakville, and in the summer, it only gets hotter for all of the hardworking athletes. Whether you’re an athlete yourself or an avid sports fan who prefers to stay indoors and watch the games on TV, we specialize in Oakville A/C repairs so that you can enjoy yourself without breaking a sweat in the humidity of summer. As we provide both commercial and residential services, we’ll fix any problem you have with your A/C unit, whether there’s a problem with the evaporator coil or in need of annual maintenance. Air conditioning repair in Oakville is now convenient as ever!

Did you know that popular Canadian television station “The Weather Network” is stationed right here in Oakville? Along with the weather channel, we’ll help you get prepared for whatever weather comes ahead with our furnace and air conditioning repairs in Oakville. Schedule an annual furnace maintenance check with us to make sure your heating runs smoothly in winter, or call for an Oakville furnace repair if you’re finding problems with your heating unit! As the top choice for furnace and air conditioning repairs in Oakville, you’ll never run into frustrating heating/cooling problems again with us at you side. Call us today at 416-323-3768!


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