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A town that is rich with history like Pickering, you can expect that the town has also come a long way in furnace and air conditioning repair service in Pickering. Named after the town of Pickering in Yorkshire, England, the Township of Pickering in Ontario only had about 800 residents in 1825. Today, the town boasts a population of about 91,771, and it only continues to grow. You can expect that this also means the needs of HVAC services such as Pickering furnace repair and A/C repair will rise, as more and more residents move into households in the town. No matter how much the town increases in growth, you won’t have to worry about the decline of furnace and air conditioning repairs in Pickering, because here at AC & Furnace Depot, we have you covered!

Located in the Durham region, numerous well-known figures such as Shawn Mendes and Neil Young once called Pickering home. Today, the town consists of both suburban and rural areas, allowing the town to serve both industrial and agricultural purposes. With our Pickering furnace and air conditioning repair services, we’re flexible and offer both commercial and residential services! Even if you live in a rural area, your home can still be comfortable with our up-to-date technology and latest models in Pickering furnace repairs. Say goodbye to long, cold winters and start enjoying the indoor warmth your home is meant to have.

With the beautiful picturesque views of Lake Ontario and natural parklands, there’s always something to do in Pickering in terms of leisure and recreation. Whether you’re exploring the Pickering Museum Village or taking a stroll on the Waterfront Trail, all these activities will surely get you tired and in need of cool air, which is why we provide top quality air conditioning service in Pickering! Too humid outside and can’t catch your breath? If your A/C unit is having problems and not blowing out cool air like it should, then give us a call! We offer services from maintenance to installations, and Pickering air conditioning repairs are our specialty. Whether you’re in need of a tune-up or thinking of installing a new model, we’re here to help and make air conditioning repair in Pickering a whole lot easier!

The residents and people of Pickering have always played a huge role in the town’s history, and now we owe it all to the people of Pickering by giving them the heating and cooling services they need to reach maximum comfort of every season of the year, hot or cold. With our variety of HVAC services being offered at the most competitive price across the GTA, Pickering furnace repair is now easy and accessible as ever to every homeowner. We strive to give you the best deals and latest models that will won’t fail. Don’t wait and give us a call at 416-323-3768 to get your furnace and air conditioning repair in Pickering now!



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