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With Thornhill’s location mainly taking up Yonge Street, there’s definitely a need for furnace and A/C service in Thornhill, as it’s such a popular and busy area. Notable for providing access to downtown Toronto, what used to be a known as a “Police Village” has expanded into a much larger community, increasing the need of Thornhill furnace and air conditioning repair. Today, the town has over one hundred historic buildings that stand as a reminder of the past, including places such as Thornhill Historical Society and Thornhill Schoolhouse, though there’s much more to it.

In 1971, York Region was created, thus leading to the Police Village of Thornhill to be dissolved. The creation of York Region has helped open up opportunities for HVAC businesses, including AC & Furnace Depot, that specialize in Thornhill furnace and AC repair. The constant growth of Thornhill helped agricultural farming thrive and attracted many settlers to make Thornhill their home. In 1848, Thornhill had a population of approximately 700 people, making it the largest community on Yonge street. Today, the population has risen to about 56,361. At AC & Furnace Depot, we’re committed to providing home comfort to every household in Thornhill with furnace and ac repair services!

If you’re a fan of hockey and the city’s home team Toronto Maple Leafs, then you must be familiar with young player Mitch Marner, who plays right wing for the Leafs. Fun fact: he grew up in Thornhill! In the winter when you’re watching the Leafs play on the ice, you would rather be feeling cozy by the heat rather than feeing chilly near the ice. If you’re not feeling heat come from your furnace and you can’t find the main root of the problem, give us a call! As the best company for Thornhill furnace repairs, we offer the friendliest and highest quality service at the lowest rates possible. Our team of technicians are professional and fast, so you can get back to enjoying the game in peace and comfort! We offer every service you need, from furnace maintenance to furnace installations and furnace repair in Thornhill.

In the summer, many residents like to shop at Thornhill’s own local mall, which is Promenade Shopping Centre. With over 175 shops, the mall is a popular shopping destination for Thornhill residents. While shopping is a funny activity for some, it can be uncomfortable when there’s a lack of air conditioning with so many people around you. Sometimes you want nothing more than to go home in your own space, with the air conditioning all to yourself. But what happens when your air conditioning system isn’t working? We can fix that! We offer top notch AC services in Thornhill, and we’ll get the job done when you need it! A simple fix and easy breeze for us, we’ll have your A/C system fixed in no time with our Thornhill air conditioning repairs and you’ll have a nice breeze flowing through your home even during the hottest summer. Call us at 416-323-3768 today!


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