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Originally a huge farmland, Vaughan has grown to become a city with a diverse community from many people around the world. Incorporated as a city in 1991, the City of Vaughan was originally an agricultural and milling community. It’s amazing to think that a place that used to have consist of just farmland has developed into an urban living community filled with households that rely on modern heating and cooling services, which is why Vaughan furnace repairs and Vaughan air conditioning repairs are needed so much these days. Known as the “The City Above Toronto,” Vaughan remains as the only municipality in York Region that has City status. With a population of approximately 323,281 residents, the community only continues to grow, increasing the need of furnace service in Vaughan and air conditioning repairs in Vaughan.

Named after Benjamin Vaughan, who was a peace negotiator ending the American War of Independence, the township was created in 1792 when Upper Canada was divided by Governor John Graves Simcoe. This led to settlements from Europeans, French traders, and Indigenous Peoples. Vaughan only started to become urbanized in the 1900s, with large cityscape being developed along with high-rise buildings and commercial establishments. These residential and commercial areas are all reliant on heating and cooling services for visitors, which is why Vaughan furnace repairs and Vaughan air conditioning repairs are so in demand now.

Home to establishments such as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan Mills Mall, and Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan (formerly Colossus), these highly-populated areas get thousands of visitors each day. With so many visitors at these facilities, they’re expected to be comfortable for people. In the summer, it’s already hot as is, but in these buildings that contain so many people gathered together, it accumulates unwanted heat. We offer great air conditioning service in Vaughan to solve these problems.

As AC & Furnace Depot offers both residential and commercial heating and cooling services, no job is too big or too small for us. Furnace and A/C services in Vaughan are now easier than ever. We’re happy to be a part of providing comfort to these establishments that bring the community together by our Vaughan air conditioning service. We strive to keep the vision of the City of Vaughan a positive one in which many call home with our furnace repair service in Vaughan.

With Vaughan’s economy mainly constructed of goods-producing and service industries, this makes Vaughan furnace repairs and Vaughan air conditioning repairs a common essential. With the population so high and continuing to grow, there are certainly a good handful of homeowners who are in need of furnace or air conditioning repairs in Vaughan. Life in Vaughan can be quite busy, and you might have been ignoring your furnace and the proper care it needs for a few years now. But with the cold winters we get here in Toronto, proper furnace maintenance in Vaughan is important, which is why we strongly suggest annual Vaughan furnace maintenance to keep your home system running smoothly. Give us a call at 416-323-3768 and see the quality Vaughan furnace repairs and Vaughan A/C repairs we have to offer, along with other HVAC services!



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