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Home to the largest Canadian Italian population in the GTA, the suburban community of Woodbridge is the largest in the City of Vaughan. The population of Woodbridge only continues to grow and AC & Furnace Depot continues to proudly serve this city as the number one source for an air conditioning repair un Woodbridge, furnace service and other heating and cooling solutions, as well as providing fixes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Rowland Burr, a pioneer of Toronto, is credited with founding Woodbridge. At its inception, there wasn’t a need for a Woodbridge air conditioning or furnace repair (people were still getting around with horses and buggies) but there sure is now.

Initially named Burrwick, the name of the area was eventually changed to Woodbridge, as there was already another settlement named Burrwick. With several landmarks, the city of Vaughan (where we also provide furnace and air conditioning repairs) also contains two nature conservation areas that are quite well-known to those who live uptown, such as the Boyd Conservation Area and Kortright Centre for Conservation. It took the community many years of development, with this development requiring an ever growing need for quality Woodbridge air conditioning & furnace repairs, and has grown significantly from a rural area to a highly urbanized area that many now call home.

With many families continuing to move into the area, you may have even noticed the amount of luxury homes and townhouses with grand backyards that Vaughan has to offer to the wealthier families.  And with this affluence comes a need for a quality company who can provide and excellent furnace repairs in Woodbridge, air conditioning service and more.

This hearty community is known for being family-friendly, with events and fun things to do all around. With Canada’s Wonderland and popular outlet mall Vaughan Mills, there’s people everywhere you go. The town also has a great number of authentic Italian restaurants thanks to the large Italian population, giving other Canadians a taste of their culture. With so many people gathered together in the summer, we have you covered for air conditioning service in Woodbridge.  And the same goes for the chill of winter --- when a home furnace repair in Woodbridge is needed, AC & Furnace Depot is there for you.

We know just how busy life can be, from taking care of the family to keeping up with your job. Which is why we want to save you the trouble of worrying about a furnace repair in Woodbridge or air conditioning service. Trust the AC & Furnace Depot to do the job correctly and you won’t have to!

We never want you to be kept waiting when your systems break down, so we always make sure to get to you as soon as you make that call. We provide the best service in Toronto and GTA and we’ll repair your Woodbridge furnace and air conditioning before you can even say “veloce!” Call us today at 416-323-3768 to get Woodbridge furnace/ac repairs fixed now!



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